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May 16, 2015, 9-5 PST (breakfast and lunch included!)


Have you always had dreams about writing that novel that's been rattling around your head for years? Have you always wanted to say that you are a published author? Do you realize that having a book for your business will make a big difference in your bottom line? Well then, I invite you to participate in a one day Writer's Workshop where you will: 


In this Writer's Workshop, we will:

  • Walk you through connecting to your deeper self because before you can write for someone else, you have to know who you are.

  • Talk about why YOU are specifically the one to write YOUR book.

  • Spend a lot of time on stories because stories are the key to connecting you to someone else.

  • Connect our stories to our passions and what we may be passionate about.

  • Talk about publishing and spend time really defining who we are writing for, i.e., your target market (which is not just 'anyone breathing'!).

  • Mind map your book, getting at least 10 chapter ideas to start.

  • And of course, we write, write and write. (It is a writer's workshop after all!)

You will leave there a changed person, even if it is just to shift the way you see yourself in the world. People don't write in a vacuum. You not only write for others, you write for yourself, and that process has to change you in some degree. For some, it can be a major change:

This writing workshop was amazing and it changed my life! Before the workshop
I considered myself a non - writer and I was attending with the sole purpose
of creating an outline of an ebook. Candace had different plans for us though!
She has a relaxed style and is amazing at coaxing the stories out of people.
I discovered that I am a writer and I do have a story to share. I can't wait to get
my book written. Leslie Lajes

What this process accomplishes is to leave you with a much better understanding of who you are, how your stories connect you to everyone and how you can change someone's life with your book. That is a very powerful process. Participating in this process can not help but change you in any number of ways, certainly the least of which is having you feel like a writer when you walk out. Then you only have to take the next step and finish getting your book written!

It you have been thinking about writing a book and understand that it takes more than just putting pen to paper, then we invite you to attend this one day Writer's Workshop on 5/16/15, in Alameda, CA.

For only a $497 investment, you get a full day of education, instruction, guided and free writing with the goal of having a complete outline and definite direction on how to keep going in the days ahead on a book that you can use not only as a marketing tool for your business but for anything else you want! Please come ready and willing to put pen to paper, (or hands to keyboard) as you will be challenged to take everything you wanted to write about and put it all in order as a book.


Sign up prior to 4/1/15 and get $200 off!

Use 'earlybird' coupon code.



I want to get a solid foundation down for my book. I want to learn how combat the overwhelm I feel every time I sit down to write something. I want to walk out knowing what I have to do to get my book published. I am ready and willing to come prepared to write all day (and understand I will be fed to do so!


New for the 5/16/15 Workshop: Due to feedback from past workshops, for those who want additional time writing and an hour of individual time with Candace, there will be a 3 hour VIP session the following day where you will take everything you learned on the day before and write for 3 hours. One of those 3 hours will include one on one individual personal attention from Candace. This is limited to 3 people and if you are interested, please contact Candace directly.




(Remember, use 'earlybird' as your coupon code

to get $200 off until 4/1/15)


I am Candace Davenport, and I show speakers, coaches and other service based professionals how to take what they uniquely do and build it into a writing marketing strategy that builds instant credibility and an opportunity to have a greater visual presence both online and in person. I take your story and help you get it down on paper, with as little trouble as possible!

Candace C. Davenport