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Motivating Greatness, Motivating Tips for Daily Greatness


What is your purpose? What were you born to do? What motivates you to embrace each day? What are your contributions to the world? What lesson did you learn from today’s experiences in life? Motivating Greatness is a motivational book designed for self-discovery and accountability to yourself and to others. This little book offers daily motivating tips, plus phrases and quotes of positive affirmations to encourage positive and authentic fulfillment of life experiences. To learn more, visit Bev at


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Beverly L. Wilmore

Bev Wilmore is a mother, coach, consultant and inspirer. She is a graduate of Howard University with numerous affiliations and awards and over thirty years in leadership management within the media industry. She created and hosts her own web-based talk show, Motivate! which focuses on the things people do to help them cherish and embrace each day with purpose. Bev has made it a lifelong commitment to inspire, move and teach others to discover their talent while helping connect people to their passion and purpose and realize their true greatness. For more information and to contact Bev, please go to