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Read this report to see how easy it will be to get going on writing your book. After all, we all have a book within us! This report will get you thinking on how a little book can be a unique marketing tool for your business and how your life will change when you become a published author. This simple report will educate you on how you can write your book and become an expert, one small step at a time!

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Do you have a business development tool that you use that establishes credibility, visibility and intimacy with future prospects? Would it be worth taking the time to read a report that might change your entire attitude about how you present yourself and your business? Would you like to find out how easy it is to write a little book that will give you more value than any other marketing tool can?

Hi. My name is Candace Davenport and as co-founder of Our Little Books, I have worked with many people like you who know the benefits of being a published author but are struggling with not knowing how to take the first step. little report that will change your life by giving you simple steps on why and how to becoming a published author.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't if you have the right tools. Let this report show you how!

The goal of this report, Discovering How Becoming A Published Author Will Improve Your Credibility And Make You An Expert, is to show you simple steps you can take to become a published author. It will show you not only why you should become an author but how as well. Isn’t that something that you would want to know?

Take a look at what's inside this report:

In this Report, you will find a down to earth, easy to understand description on why becoming a published author will increase your credibility and exposure. It will show you how to think about what you want to write, how to find time and how to position yourself to sell your book before it is even written!

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Why Should I Become an Expert.
  • Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Begin Writing A Book.
  • How to Find the Time to Write a Book.
  • Do You Want To Write A Book But the Idea of Writing a 200-300 Page Book Seems Overwhelming?
  • Sell Your Book Before You Write It.
  • Take Your First Step to Becoming an Author Now!

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We will NEVER rent, sell or give away your email address. We hate spam as much as you do!

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